Glass Spray Bottle


Create your own room sprays and condition oil blends in these study glass bottles.


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Did you know that you can make your own room sprays to imbue your space with the magic of your favorite condition oils. 

Much like incense, these room sprays (sometimes referred to as smokeless incense) set a vibrational tone for magical work or shift the energy of a space. For people with asthma and others who cannot tolerate the smoke that comes along with incense, this room spray is a miracle. 

Just take one of these spray bottles, add 10-15 drops of your favorite condition oil and then fill the remainder with spring water. Shake the mixture and spray around your home or work environment with prayer and intention for your outcome. 

Leave the room spray out and tell your family and friends it’s a room freshener. No one needs to know your secret.

You can choose a bottle color that is aligned with your purpose – clear is all-purpose, blue for tranquility and healing, green for prosperity, or amber for grounding and stabilizing. 

The small bottle holds 1 oz. and is easy to carry in your bag. 

The medium holds 2 oz. and can be easily stashed in a drawer or on a shelf.

The large bottle holds 4 oz. and is perfect for use in your home. 


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