Heart to Heart Candle Spell Kit

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The Heart to Heart Candle Spell Kit is designed to bring two hearts together in love, reconciliation or sweet romance.

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The Heart to Heart candle spell is used to bring two hearts together. You can do this candle to work on an existing relationship or use it to attract a true new love or friendship that will last the test of time. When you want to bring your heart and someone else’s together, use this spell to connect the two of you completely at the heart level.

So many of my clients have used this spell to really overcome the obstacles that prevent two people from coming together in true heartfelt emotion. Whether it’s shyness, fear, past hurts, holding onto anger, lack of self-love, poor self-esteem or simply a shutting down of emotions, they’ve found that, if they are really meant to be with the other person, this spell can help the two of them to move beyond those blockages and get to real love. Likewise, other clients have used this spell to finally bring in a healthy relationship with a new person who is the perfect match for them and is emotionally available.

This spell kit includes

  • TWO lovingly handmade beeswax Heart candles

  • herbs to support your spell intention

  • the perfect spiritual oil*

  • complete instructions for working the spell

These 100% beeswax candles are handmade at the Parlour of Wonders and charged with the intention of love.

Select the color that best expresses the intention of your spell:

  • Red for passionate love

  • Pink for romance

  • Black for control or protection

  • Green for generosity

  • Blue for reconciliation

  • Purple for power and mastery

  • Yellow for happiness

  • Orange for removing blocks

  • White for a fresh start

  • Brown for grounding and stabilizing

Add an AttractionRomanceInfluencePassion, or Protection Booster Pack to customize your work and amplify the power of your spell or bring in some additional wishes.

* Spiritual Oils are available for USA and Canadian orders only. Oils shipped outside of the US or Canada can be held up in your country’s customs or returned to us. For orders outside of the US/Canada, we substitute sachet powder with full instructions on how to use sachet in place of oil. If you have questions about shipping oils to your country, contact our shipping department at shipping@parlourofwonders.com before ordering.

3″ tall x 3″ wide

Burn time: 12 hours
100% pure beeswax
cotton wick – lead-free
Handcrafted by us in the Parlour of Wonders

1 review for Heart to Heart Candle Spell Kit

  1. Nicole (verified owner)

    Two nicely sized candles that comes with everything you need for your intention. Candles have a nice flat base so they can remain upright.

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