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Igniting Intimacy: Sex Magic Rituals for Radical Living and Loving by Rev Rowan Bombadil

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    A sex magic playbook for personal, relational, and planetary transformation

    Master the art of sex magic and forge radical new relationships with yourself, your beloveds, our planet, and life itself. This groundbreaking book invites you to develop intimacies that are as creative as they are consensual, as playful as they are profound, and as transformative as they are ecstatic. It offers fresh and accessible inspiration on topics such as self-love, conscious communication, and sacred sex, as well as practices and rituals for erotic shapeshifting, ecosexuality, ecstatic breath work, and so much more.

    Igniting Intimacy demonstrates that the only tools you really need to master the erotic, meet god, and make magic are the ability to breathe and a willing imagination. This is an essential manual for pleasure pioneers hoping to change themselves—and the world—one orgasm at a time.

    “Delightfully written, Rowan Bombadil’s Igniting Intimacy is a practical guide to the magic of enriching your relationships—with yourself, with others, and beyond. It’s not a sex manual, relationship guide, or typical ‘sacred sexuality’ tome. Bombadil brilliantly avoids some of the pitfalls of this genre: platitudinousness, new-age credulousness, cultural appropriation. Instead, Igniting Intimacy is pragmatic, straightforward, and jam-packed with insights, exercises, and practices that will help you connect and live more fully, happily, and erotically.”—Patricia Johnson & Mark Michaels, coauthors of Partners in Passion: A Guide to Great Sex, Emotional Intimacy, and Long-Term Love

    “Rowan’s book is full of love and generosity. I feel as if they are sitting next to me, holding my hand, sharing with me from their vast storehouse of knowledge and experience. Thank you, Rowan!”—Betty Martin, creator of The Wheel of Consent

    “In Igniting Intimacy, Rowan Bombadil offers an honest but gentle template for spiritual relationship that is accessible even for those who are suspicious of the whole concept. If you’re making your first tentative gestures in the direction of spiritual sex and love, this much needed book is a kindly and non-judgmental guide to lead you through it at your own pace. From self-compassion to ecstatic energy, Bombadil creates a safe container for singles and partners to explore new paths of body-and-heart openness.”—Raven Kaldera, author of Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook and editor of Sacred Power, Holy Surrender

    312 pp.

    6×9 softcover


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