New Love Incense Spell Kit


If you’re single but you’d like to find that special someone, this incense is designed to empower you to attract a bevy of potential partners so that you can choose a beautiful new lover.


    Would you like to have that special something that draws love to you? Are you looking for love but not finding your soul mate? 

    This heady and sensual blend of Benzoin, Patchouli, Frankincense and other love-drawing herbals is a tool to seductively invite in a new, true love into your life. Use it to cast a charm that will attract others to you so you can choose your perfect mate.  

    If you are ready to explore the true magic of incense, this incense spell kit is the key. This blend is personally formulated by Madame Pamita to draw a new love your way and includes full spell instructions so that you may use it to its maximum effect. 

    Each spell kit includes a 10 dram bottle of an herbal blend, 4 Japanese bamboo charcoal squares and full instructions for magically using the incense for your intent.  

    Click on the video below for guidance on how to light and burn whole herb incense.


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