Peyton and the Magical Compass – Book


Peyton and the Magical Compass by Diana Zalucky

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    Why do the kids laugh at her? Peyton is sad that she gets made fun of for seeing the world in magical ways that the other kids just don’t. They see clouds. She sees spaceships. They see rocks. She sees faces. Peyton begins to wonder if the kids are right—maybe she is making it all up.

    But Peyton receives a special gift that will ultimately change how she sees the world and herself.

    Peyton and the Magical Compass encourages children to be confident in their gifts, trusting in their imagination, and in themselves. Beautifully illustrated by Shany Ahmed, this story is sure to delight you and your young reader as you enter a world of magic through the innocence and wonder of a true believer’s eyes.

    48 pages

    8″ x 8″



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