Pure Orange Flower Water by Madame Pamita

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Pure Orange Flower Water, also called Neroli Hydrosol, is used in spells, baths, and potions to create allure and beauty, and to attract true love and devotion.


    Neroli hydrosol, or orange blossom water, is distilled from the fragrant blossoms of the bitter orange tree. This rare and precious essence has been used in magic since the days of ancient Egypt and is famous for being one of the ingredients of the original Eau de Cologne from Germany in the early 1700s. The name Neroli comes from the 17th century Princess of Nerola, who used it to perfume her gloves, clothing, and baths.

    Pure Orange Flower water is edible and small amounts can be added to food or drink for love or prosperity spells.

    For spell works, Orange Flower Water can be:

    • Used as a healing toner on the skin in beauty spells

    • Added to bath water for love, marriage, and commitment spells

    • Sprinkled around the home to bring calm, loving feelings

    • Sprayed around a business to bring happy prosperity

    • Added to teas, coffees, juices, or cocktails for making a love potion

    • Applied as a refreshing and sweet body splash to heal the sadness of a broken heart

    Supremely delightful with a sweet and refreshing floral fragrance, this 100% botanical hydrosol has no added colors, fragrance or additives and comes in a generous 8-ounce bottle so that you can indulge yourself with its opulent fragrance.

    100% Pure Neroli Hydrosol

    8 oz.

    1 review for Pure Orange Flower Water by Madame Pamita

    1. Nicole Montecinos (verified owner)

      It’s a nice sized bottle and POW packed it nicely to ensure it arrived in one piece. It smells absolutely amazing. Very nice light and crisp scent. I will ordering another one!

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