Release and Restore Spell Kit


When it is time to let go of an old relationship and invite in a new one, the Release and Restore spell kit is a sweet ritual to allow you to move on to something better.


    When you have an unhealthy attachment to a relationship that no longer serves your higher self, it’s time to release those ties, restore your heart and invite in a new, better love.

    This spell kit has everything that you need to perform this simple but powerful ritual:

    • Black beeswax taper for releasing
    • Release and Restore Oil
    • Red taper for inviting in new love
    • Magnetic Attraction Oil for pulling in that love,
    • Complete instructions

    To triple the power of this spell, use along with the Release and Restore Incense Spell Kit and Release and Restore Bath Crystals.

    Watch the video below for guidance on how to do a Release and Restore spell to release an attachment.


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