Reverse Negativity Sachet Powder by Madame Pamita

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If someone is working against you, send negativity back to its source.


    If someone is actively working against you, you can send that negativity back to its source. Reversing work, sometimes called “Return to Sender,” is very “clean” spiritual work in that it just takes someone else’s intent, and bounces it back to them. Reverse Negativity sachet protects you from free-floating negativity or evil intention sent intentionally to you.

    Reverse Negativity sachet is used in spells to:

    • Send curses, hexes, and jinxes back to their source

    • Deflect the Evil Eye

    • Send someone’s ill wishes back to them

    • Cleanly reverse anyone’s bad intentions

    • Have others reap what they sow

    • Turn away stray negativity

    • Spiritually protect you and your loved ones from evil

    Send spiritual attacks back to where they came from with the cleansing power of Agrimony. Reverse Negativity oil contains a proprietary formula of essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance, gemstones and herbs, including Agrimony, in a luxurious cosmetic-grade talc-free cornstarch base to send all negativity back to its source. The astringent citrus scent of this sachet tells you that this is powerful magic in a bottle.

    Spiritual sachets can be used in many ways:

    • apply to your body

    • sprinkle in an environment

    • dust onto objects

    • blow them into the air

    • apply to a spell candle

    This gem-infused sachet makes an excellent substitute for spiritual oils and can be applied to materials such as cloth or paper without leaving an oily residue. It can be also be used as a substitute for spiritual oils in a candle spell. Apply a plain oil to a candle and sprinkle the sachet powder on and around your candle. Each generous screw-top tin comes with a lucky Hematite gemstone. Leave the gemstone in the tin until all the product is used, then place it on your altar or carry it in a mojo bag.

    For more spell ideas and detailed directions on how to use Sachet Powders in your magic, check out our free handy Sachet Powder How To Guide

    1 oz.

    1 review for Reverse Negativity Sachet Powder by Madame Pamita

    1. Robin (verified owner)

      Good to add a pinch in combo with Powerful Protection sachet between your bedsheets, when feeling like malicious, negative intent of others is coming your way — whether it be an attack, or just a lot of negativity in the workplace—- sleeping with it regularly helps dampen and reverse those effects. Also great if you are walking into an unpleasant situation and you know there are unsavory people on hand. You can add a pinch of both sachets in your shoes to keep the nasty off and push it right back from whence it came. If your child is being bullied — also a great sachet Combo to treat their bedding and their shoes!

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