Seven Treasures Candle Spell Kit

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Open the many treasures that life has to offer you with this Seven Treasures Candle Spell Kit.

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When we burn a Treasure Chest candle in a spell, we are asking the Universe to unlock our blessings. The magic of the Seven Treasures spell is that you get to choose the main focus of the blessings through choosing the color of the Treasure Chest master candle, but included in the spell kit are an additional six beeswax slim tapers in other colors to bring blessings in those areas too. Clients who have burned the Seven Treasures candle spell have have said that not only does their life improve in the area of their main intention, but they also find blessings coming in from other unexpected directions. That’s the REAL magic of the Seven Treasures spell!

This spell kit includes

  • a lovingly handcrafted beeswax Treasure Chest candle

  • 6 additional thick tapers in a rainbow of colors

  • herbs

  • an appropriate spiritual oil*

  • complete instructions for working the spell

Although this candle spell kit includes six thick tapers, you may wish to add an AttractionEmpowermentInfluenceAffluence, or Protection Booster Pack to customize your work and amplify the power of your spell or bring in some additional wishes.

Choose a color for your spell kit that corresponds to your intention:

  • Red for passionate love

  • Pink for romance or friendship

  • Black for banishing or protection

  • Green for fertility or prosperity

  • Blue for healing or reconciliation

  • Purple for power and mastery

  • Yellow for fame or happiness

  • Orange for removing blocks

  • White for blessing or any other purpose

  • Brown for grounding or court cases

3.75″w x 3″h
Burn time: 12 hours
100% pure beeswax
cotton wick – lead-free
Lovingly Handcrafted by us in the Parlour of Wonders

* Spiritual Oils are available for USA and Canadian orders only. Oils shipped outside of the US or Canada can be held up in your country’s customs or returned to us. For orders outside of the US/Canada, we substitute sachet powder with full instructions on how to use sachet in place of oil. If you have questions about shipping oils to your country, contact our shipping department at before ordering.


3 reviews for Seven Treasures Candle Spell Kit

  1. Shashi (verified owner)

    I ordered this. Love the product.Everything as described. Candle burns more than 12 hrs. I used for 3 days continuously 9:5pm

  2. Anna Vasalaki

    Beautiful spell. Very detailed instructions (as always). Lovely candles of excellent quality. Assigning a wish to each of the 6 supporting candles makes me feel as if the universe will throw me a surprise birthday party! The treasure chest candle is beautifully detailed, and the spell is very visually pleasing – which is not a necessity, but definitely a nice bonus!

  3. Cybil Perry (verified owner)

    What an awesome spell kit to bring in all kinds of treasures

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