Sweet Myrrh Tears – Wildharvested


Wildharvested Sweet Myrrh Tears (Commiphora holtziana) are used in spells of protection and uncrossing as well as spells to acquire occult knowledge.



Wildharvested Sweet Myrrh Tears are used to protect against harm as well as to cleanse away harm that has already been done. It is also used by those who wish to access deep magical occult knowledge. As a resin, it effects are best seen when it is burned, but it can also be carried in mojo bags for these same purposes.

Suggested magical uses for Wildharvested Sweet Myrrh Tears:

Wildharvested Sweet Myrrh Tears, Acacia and Frankincense on charcoal for deep mystical insights when meditating or before sleep.

Blend Sweet Myrrh with Camphor and Rue and burn on charcoal to bring cleanse and purify a space.

Carry a pinch of Wildharvested Sweet Myrrh Tears, along with Burdock, Rue and Spearmint in a protection mojo bag.

For in-depth information on how to use this and other herbs and roots magically, I recommend Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic and Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, both of which can be found in our Books section.


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