The Weiser Tarot Journal


The Weiser Tarot Journal: Guidance and Practice by Theresa Reed

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    In The Weiser Tarot Journal, you’ll find everything you need to get started:

    • Fully illustrated layouts and instructions for eight spreads—1-card, 2-card, 3-card, 4-card, Celtic Cross, Horseshoe, Astrological Wheel, and Weiser’s own Ankh spread
    • 208 journal pages to record your readings and over 1,900 full-color tarot stickers (1 x .6 in.), kiss-cut for easy peeling and application—24 complete sets of tarot cards
    • Instruction and guidance on how to keep a journal, including best practices for beginners
    • Keywords for all the cards from master tarot reader Theresa Reed

    Weiser Books and Theresa Reed have teamed up to create a beautiful journal that contains everything you need to record your tarot journey.

    The Weiser Tarot Journal is a portable workbook with rounded corners and a lay-flat binding that makes journaling easy. It includes 24 sets of bound-in peel-off stickers of the Weiser Tarot images and 208 specially designed journal pages for you to record your own tarot readings.

    208 pages

    7″ x 8″



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