The Witch Collective Zine – Winter Issue 2024


The Witch Collective Zine Fall Issue with contributions by more than 20 amazing witches, including Onareo, TheLoveWitch, and Miss Kelly from the Parlour of Wonders.

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    Articles in this issue include:

    • A 2024 Moon Calendar by Black Lake Witch
    • Winter by Blessings Butterfly
    • Yule Tarot Magic by Tarot Rosetta
    • Divining in the Dead of Winter by The Love Witch
    • Crafting a Brigid’s Cross by Wendy Wildcraft
    • A Conjure Christmas by Kat the Sugarwitch
    • Making Space by Tarot and More by Nikki
    • Meditate and Chill by Kimberley Watson
    • 3 Kings Oil by Lucy Loo
    • Juniper Berries, Rosemary, Walnuts, and Salt and Pepper by Terin
    • Mistletoe by Syren
    • Tinsel and Spiders by Angela Wilbers
    • La Befana by Black Lake Witch and Lucy
    • Trust Your Intuition by Kelly
    • Dead of Winter by Piper Persephone
    • Marzanna by Jacquie
    • A Box of Magic by Jamie Della
    • Winter is the Time of the Crone by Juliet A. Kurth
    • Regeneration by Miss Nina
    • Jack Frost Crystal Amulet by Wendy Wildcraft
    • Thea’s Winter Picks by Thea Wirschling
    • Light My Fire Spread by Onareo
    • Jack Frost by Michelle S.
    • A Winter Ritual: Janus by Addie
    • The Collective Awakening by Deziree Diaz
    • Winter’s Night by Spell of a Rose
    • Dead of Winter Favorite Songs
    • Dead of Winter Favorite Books
    • A Winter Witch’s Cocktails by Black Lake Witch
    • Spell by Kansas
    • Ginger Cinnamon Tea by Elizabeth Olive
    • Fire Cider by Rowan Apothecary
    • The Yule Cat by Miss Kelly
    • Wolves by Miss Kelly
    • An Omen Tells Me Great Grandma is Out of Time by JessieStrega Cat
    • Collective Year for 2024 by Natalie
    • Dead of Winter Word Find by Auntie Pan Pan
    • Winter Astrlology Wishes and Incantations by Miss Kelly

    40 pages


    5″ x 8″


    Limited Edition


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