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Regular salt is quite protective, but there is a special blessed salt in Slavic Magic called chetverhova sil’, or Thursday salt. This bag of Thursday Salt will banish evil, resolve quarrels, ease travel and protect you from trouble. 

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    A bag of Thursday Salt by The Love Witch brings powerful and ancient protection into your magical toolkit.

    Regular salt is quite protective, but there is a special blessed salt called chetverhova sil’Thursday salt. Due to the syncretism with the Christian calendar, often this salt is made on Holy Thursday, but its origins are much, much older and can be tied to the spring holidays. Thursday salt can be made at any time but is especially powerful if made around spring equinox. This bag of Thursday salt has been hand witchcrafted by The Love Witch on a Thursday during Spring in New York. 

    Working with Thursday Salt 

    Thursday salt can be used for many protective purposes. If you’ve had a quarrel with your partner, you can put a small bag of it under their pillow so that reconciliation happens quickly. A small charm bag of this salt in a car, suitcase, or backpack will ease travel and protect against trouble. Any magical tools can be cleansed and blessed by placing them in or on a bowl of Thursday salt.  Protection Spells with Thursday Salt Thursday salt can also be used to preserve the health of the people living in your home. Placing a little salt under your child’s pillow ensures that they will not get sick and protects them from bullies. Bathing in water with a little Thursday salt will preserve beauty and bring health and happiness. You can also add a tiny pinch of Thursday salt to drinking water to spiritually protect your health.

    Sprinkling Thursday salt in front of your door will prevent people with evil intentions from entering your house. A small bowl of Thursday salt can be set in the middle of the table as a talisman to attract happiness, luck, and abundance. Little bits of this salt can be scattered in the corners of the house to guard against evil spirits and unwelcome people and banish sorrow or strife from the home. Thursday salt can be added to water for washing floors after a visit from someone with bad intentions or sprinkled on their footprints after they have left to ensure that they don’t return.

    This salt is made for us by The Love Witch, who also does spell services here at Parlour of Wonders! If you’re having a Powerful Protection Vigil or Custom Protection Spell burned for you this Thursday Salt can be a great way to connect to your spell on a tangible level. Shop all products by The Love Witch here.

    Learn even more about Thursday Salt in Chapter 10 of Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft!


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