True Love Bath Crystals


True Love Bath Crystals are used to strengthen the bonds between you and your lover.



Spiritual Bath Crystals are a traditional magical tool used to clear negativity, protect or draw in a specific intent. These spiritual baths and washes have a quality of clearing out what needs to go and bringing in something better.

Madame Pamita Bath Crystals contain the highest quality ingredients, the same all-natural ingredients that rootworkers used 100 years ago. The recipe includes all-natural sea salt, Epsom salts, organic or wildharvested herbs and botanicals, and organic essential oils.

The proprietary blend of ingredients in Madame Pamita True Love Bath Crystals includes Red Clover to strengthen love, the spicy scent of Ginger essential oil to bring in sexual attraction and other herbs and oils to create strong loving bonds.

These bath crystals come packed in three convenient sizes

Small – 8 oz. – enough for one strong tub bath or two pour-over baths.

Medium – 16 oz. – enough for three strong tub baths or six pour-over baths.

Large – 32 oz. – enough for seven strong tub baths or fourteen pour-over baths.

Ways to use these bath crystals:

  • Do a 1, 3, 7, 9, 11 or 13-day bath. Add a scoop to your bath water each day for the consecutive number of days. As you are in the tub, prayer, chant or speak the intention of the negativity that you want to release and the good things that you want to bring in. When you emerge from the bath, dry yourself with a clean towel and dress in clean clothes.
  • Add a scoop to your bath water on a consecutive Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a triple-strength spell. As you bathe, envision the goal that you wish to achieve. When you have drained your bath, you may “read” the herbs that remain in the tub as you would tea leaves.
  • Dissolve a small scoop in water in a bowl and use as a traditional hoodoo pour-over cleanse, dumping it over your head and catching it in another basin while you pray for the removal of any blocks to your goals. Take the reclaimed water in the basin to a crossroads at dawn, throw it over your left shoulder toward the rising sun, and don’t look back as you walk away.
  • Add a small scoop to a foot bath each day for 7 days to guide your feet toward your goal.
  • Dissolve a few tablespoons in warm water and add the mixture to your laundry rinse water to imbue your clothes with your intention.
  • Dissolve a few tablespoons in water and add it to your floor scrub water or sprinkle it or spray it around your home or business.


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