True Love Sachet Powder by Madame Pamita


Strengthen the loving bonds of your relationship or deepen the commitment between you and your loved one.


    Create a love that will last the test of time. If you have a relationship that can’t seem to go to the next level, or a once vibrant relationship has begun to fizzle, then use True Love sachet in your spells to get your love back on track. This saceht is energetically charged to help you if you are in a relationship and want to move it to a more committed level or deepen and strengthen the love that you have.

    True Love sachet is used in spells to:

    • Deepen a commitment between lovers

    • Cause your lover to return your love

    • Bring back romantic feelings

    • Create bonds of loving attachment

    • Rekindle the spark of excitement the two of you once had

    • Bring about a marriage proposal or have that proposal received positively

    • Remind lovers of the joys of their relationship

    • Bring back feelings of being a “team” with your partner

    • Deepen existing feelings of love

    Throughout many cultures and over many centuries, Rose petals have long held a connection to true love. True Love Sachet contains a proprietary formula of essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance, gemstones and herbs, including Roses, in a luxurious cosmetic-grade talc-free cornstarch base to feed the flames of love. The scent of warming spice and juicy stone fruit invite warm and tender feelings.

    Spiritual sachets can be used in many ways:

    • apply to your body

    • sprinkle in an environment

    • dust onto objects

    • blow them into the air

    • apply to a spell candle

    This gem-infused sachet makes an excellent substitute for spiritual oils and can be applied to materials such as cloth or paper without leaving an oily residue. It can be also be used as a substitute for spiritual oils in a candle spell. Apply a plain oil to a candle and sprinkle the sachet powder on and around your candle. Each generous screw-top tin comes with a sweet Rose Quartz gemstone. Leave the gemstone in the tin until all the product is used, then place it on your altar or carry it in a mojo bag.

    For more spell ideas and detailed directions on how to use Sachet Powders in your magic, check out our free handy Sachet Powder How To Guide

    1 oz.


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