Weekly Money & Prosperity Spell Group Service by Onareo


Do you want some magical assistance with your finances? Onareo is here to help! Grab a spot in this weekly group spell service that takes place every Thursday.



If you are ordering this candle spell you are automatically agreeing to our Spellwork Agreement .

If it’s all about the Benjamins then let Onareo help give a magickal boost to your financial situation with his Weekly Money & Prosperity Spell Group Service.

Each Thursday (a.k.a the Money day!)  Onareo will bring your petition to his money altar and place it along with your name under a 100% beeswax thick taper candle handcrafted here at the Parlour of Wonders that has been dressed with the appropriate Spiritual Oil and surrounded with herbs to support your intention to manifest your desired goals. Your candle will be identified by number and burned alongside the rest of the group candles and around a Money and Prosperity Master candle. This creates a powerful group energy that will bring about strong manifestation of your goals.

Here are some suggestions as to what intentions can look like:

  • Bring General Abundance into your life
  • Salary increase
  • Get a promotion at work
  • Bring in more clients
  • Call attention to your work
  • Bring in the perfect job
  • Get gifts from people
  • Bring a generous partner
  • Self control when spending
  • Loan Approval
  • Banish debt

Within 24 hours of ordering your spell you will receive an email from chrisonareo@gmail.com letting you know which number will identify your candle for this service.

There are three different options for this service which are:

  • Single candle with photos only
  • Single candle and one Tarot/ Oracle Card pull to go with your intention. While not a full reading this single card pull includes an interpretation of the card in relation to your intention and candle to give some insight.
  • Single candle and one Tarot/ Oracle Card pull to go with your intention and candle report. This is the option you want if you would like Onareo to interpret the remains of the spell. With this option you’ll receive a short e-mail report within a week of the spell completion and will include an interpretation if the wax remains (known as Ceromancy), how this relates to the card pulled for you as well as follow up suggestions and tips.

If you have any questions about this spell service  You can reach out to Onareo directly by emailing chrisonareo@gmail.com or by texting 305-928-8954


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