Spiritual Products & Witchcraft tools

You can make magic in your world! Here you’ll find the spiritual products and witchcraft tools to make your life the very best that it can be. Whether you are an experienced practitioner looking for obscure items for your spell or a novice spellcaster dipping your toes into magic for the first time, you’ll find an excellent array of the very highest quality products here. We pride ourselves on creating our products with organic and wildcrafted herbs, genuine beeswax and cosmetic-grade apricot kernel oil. Powerful ingredients that contain real magic. We are convinced that our spiritual tools are the best out there.

For ideas on how to use oils, herbs, sachet powders and candles for magic, check out my free online video series – Hoodoo How To, learn more on how to use these products at my Instruction page, or learn in-depth with some of the best books on the market.


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Witchcraft Tools and Spiritual Products

Whether you call them Magical Supplies, Witchcraft Tools or Spiritual Products, what you are referring to are herbs, candles, oils, sachets, bath crystals and other energy-infused items that help and assist you in your quest to create the best life ever.

All magic starts with intention and with pure and unwavering focus, we can manifest anything. If, like most people, you intention wavers back and forth between confidence and doubt, then bringing in the support of powerful products can help move things forward even when you are in doubt. The Parlour of Wonders supplies you with the highest quality, most energetically-infused witchcraft tools and spiritual supplies on the market. We are confident that your spells will have extra sparkle when you use our products.

Do I Have to Be a Certain Religion to Do Spells?

No! All faiths and religions have magic. Even non-religious people cast spells. Whether you send off a prayer, say an affirmation or cast a circle, you are doing magic. Throughout history, witchcraft has existed in all faiths but has often been suppressed by people in power so that they are able to control the populace. Take back your power! If you have a desire for a better life, more happiness, more prosperity, more love, then magic can assist you.

How Do I Use Witchcraft Tools or Spiritual Supplies?

If you are new to spellcasting, then start with some of the free resources here at the Parlour of Wonders – the How To Videos, the Magic and the Law of Attraction Podcast, Madame Pamita’s Magic Blog, and the How To Guides are all a great place to begin. Want to dive in deeper? Check out the hand-curated selection of books available in our online bookstore.

If you’re just beginning to do magic, you may want to purchase a spell kit that has everything you need to cast a spell plus easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions. Just follow the instructions and you are on your way to a foolproof spell! Magic can be empowering, easy and effective for creating positive changes in your life on the spiritual level.