Custom Success Candle Spell Service


Have a success spell done by an experienced, caring spellcaster for you on our Parlour of Wonders altar.


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Do you want a beautiful complex candle spell done for you by the experienced caring spellcasters here at the Parlour of Wonders?

We offer custom candle spell services to help you achieve the best in life.

Success spells can be cast to spiritually support almost any positive intention:

  • Success in career
  • Success in love
  • Success in business
  • Success for your project
  • Success in competitions
  • or any other positive intention for success

What you receive when you order this success spell service:

  • A complimentary 15 minute consultation prior to spell casting so that we can divine what custom candle spell will be most effective for your wishes
  • A custom complex candle spell designed specifically for your intentions set on our altar
  • Photos of your candle spell emailed to you after the candle starts
  • When the candle spell is complete, you will also receive emailed photos of the completed spell
  • A 15 minute complimentary candle report to tell you what we see in your candle remains and make additional recommendations for spell work that you can do at home or that we can do for you

Please select your spell caster – Chelsea or Romie – and once you have purchased your custom complex candle spell, book your complimentary consultation by clicking the link below (you will need your Parlour of Wonders order number to create the booking)

Book a 15 minute consultation with Chelsea


Book a 15 minute consultation with Romie


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