Environmentally-Safe All-Natural Mica Glitter


Mica, a naturally occurring stone, is the environmentally-safe mineral alternative to plastic glitter. Use it on your candle spells or other magical items to make your spells sparkle.



We love the shine and sparkle of glitter on candle spells, in bottle spells, or added to any of our magical workings, but we don’t love the fact that most commercial glitters out there are made of microplastics that get washed out into our water supply or dumped to pollute the earth.

But never fear! There is a solution that will make your spells shine without hurting Mother Earth. Mica is a safe, natural stone that forms sparkling iridescent flakes that shimmer and shine with a radiant glow. You’ve probably encountered mica before as it is the ingredient that makes lipsticks and eyeshadows shimmer.

Apply a spiritual oil to a candle and sprinkle this mica glitter to your candle’s surface to add a natural glimmer. We have beautiful mica flakes for your magic spells in four glittering colors that amp up your magic and give you peace of mind about the environment at the same time.

  • Red for passion and energy

  • Pink for romance and heartfelt emotion

  • Green for abundance and prosperity

  • Gold for luxury, happiness and fame

Each color comes in a reusable or recyclable old-fashioned glass vial that looks magical amongst your spell supplies.

Measures 2.5 x .75


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