Deluxe Limited Edition Spring Cleaning Magic Kit

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Are you ready to do some serious spiritual spring cleaning? This kit has everything you need to keep your energy clean and your good fortune flowing in for months to come! It even includes five exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else, plus a surprise item!


    Every day is a new beginning and anytime is the perfect time for fresh new starts, new opportunities and new beginnings! Get rid of musty, dusty old energy with this Deluxe Limited Edition Spring Cleaning Magic Kit, filled with  witchcrafted products from the Parlour of Wonders!

    Like cleaning a window to let in the sunlight, Van Van products are used in spells to remove bad luck and bring in good fortune. Not only will this kit get you a full-sized bottle of Van Van Spiritual Oil, but you’ll also find exclusive Van Van products we’ve never offered before!

    Each deluxe box contains eight different spiritual cleansing supplies including FIVE exclusives that you can get nowhere else, and a special surprise item. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

    • A full-sized bottle of Madame Pamita Van Van Oil
    • A Yellow Dipped Egg Candle*
    • A Van Van Room Spray*
    • A Bar of Van Van Soap
    • A Tin of Van Van Potion*
    • A pack of Van Van Spiritual Bath Crystals*
    • A Van Van Sachet Powder*
    • Plus a special surprise!

    *Limited-edition exclusive item available only in this Magic Kit

    Are you ready to clean house? Get your kit today before they go away on April 30th.

    2 reviews for Deluxe Limited Edition Spring Cleaning Magic Kit

    1. Jen Boehm (verified owner)

      If you love Van Van, this is for you! Wonderful value for high quality products.

    2. Joel Añón (verified owner)

      These kits are my latest craze! I got the Good Luck one from the previous month, and this one’s just as good as the last. Such high quality magical oils, soaps, and tea potions are hard to find anywhere else, let alone organized into a convenient bundle like this. I am so looking forward to the next one!

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