It’s Your Karma Cards


The It’s Your Karma cards were created to be your past life introduction, with the intention of helping you connect to your flow, your intuition, your inner place of knowing, and allowing your past life memories to come forward.

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    This deck has over 1000 possible past life combinations. The unique round shape is the key to the process…by having many possible past life vocations on the edges and then spinning the cards in a circle, we are able to determine what type of life you and others lived within various eras.

    Using It’s Your Karma cards is absolutely easy to do…

    Set your intention, select a card, and then interpret the card.

    It really is that easy…but of course, there is more to it. But I do not want you to be intimidated by all the sheer number of possibilities. The information that you are supposed to get at this time will definitely come through as needed.

    Creating the proper setting for your past life explorations will greatly enhance the experience. Actually connecting with the individual cards will strengthen the work you will do with them.


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