November Taurus Full Moon Workshop – Mastering Intuition and Divination


As we enter into the late fall season, it is prime time for deepening your intuition and divination skills. The November Taurus Full Moon Workshop is designed to help you strengthen your intuition and master your divination practices.

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    Everyone is born intuitive, but most of us forget how to access this special part of ourselves. Come to this workshop and learn how to reconnect with your authentic intuitive self. In this workshop, we’ll be focusing on

    • How to identify intuitive hits
    • Easy ways to activate intuition on demand
    • Methods for strengthening intuition
    • Divination techniques that can be done without special tools or extensive study
    • Inviting synchronicities
    • Reading omens

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    The Full Moon Workshops for the year focus on the magic behind the magic. If you want to know how to raise energy, focus intention, and put some juice in your spells, the Full Moon Workshops for this year will be a game changer. The entire series is a masterclass in magic, so you’ll want to subscribe so you never miss a workshop.

    The Full Moon is a powerful portal of magic and transformation and traditionally has been the time for magical communities to gather together for empowerment. We gather together over Zoom deepen our knowledge, celebrate these special lunar events and expand our magical powers.

    No prior experience is required, however, a basic understanding of magical principles will be helpful. People of all spiritual paths are welcome.

    Order the November Taurus Full Moon Workshop: Mastering Intuition and Divination and you’ll get:

    • Access to the Live Zoom Full Moon Workshop with Madame Pamita on November 14
    • Recording of the Full Moon Workshop to watch later or to download and keep forever
    • Lifetime access to the Full Moon and New Moon Spell Group – and online forum where you can share your spells with a supportive group of magical practitioners


    • Workshop is on November 14 at 6PM PT/7PM MT/8PM CT/9PM ET (Please note: You MUST be subscribed to the Parlour of Wonders email list to get your Zoom link and recording. Go here if you need to subscribe.)
    • The Full Moon is on November 15 at 1:29pm PT/2:29pm MT/3:29pm CT/4:29pm ET

    Can’t make the class? No problem! All registrants will receive a recording of the workshop after it is complete.

    As soon as you place your order, you will receive an email with directions and a link to register for the workshop. Please check your spam folder too, just in case. If you don’t get the email, please reach out to us at


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