Roman Jupiter Coin Lucky Amulet


This replica Roman Jupiter Coin Lucky Amulet depicting the god Jupiter and goddess Medusa can be used as a good luck charm or as a talisman to invoke the protection of the old gods.

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    This replica Roman Jupiter Coin Lucky Amulet features the god Jupiter holding a thunderbolt in his right hand and eagle in his left. Jupiter was a sky-god who Romans believed oversaw all aspects of life and corresponds to the Greek god Zeus. Jupiter concentrated on protecting the Roman state and military commanders would pay homage to Jupiter at his temple after winning in battle.

    On the reverse, a triskele in the form of three legs, is depicted with a winged head of Medusa in the center and wheat between the legs, representing protection and abundance. 

    This coin can be added to your spells to bring good luck, success, and victory in competitive situations.

    • Carry it with you as a good luck charm when taking risks.
    • Add to your charm or bone reading set to symbolize victory and success.
    • Place it in a mojo bag for success.
    • Carry it with you to honor Jupiter and Medusa.
    • Place one or more around a Lucky Horseshoe or Lucky Clover Spell Candle to increase luck and success.
    • Anoint with Good Luck or Grand Success oil and place on your altar to amplify your fortune

    Coin measures .75″ in diameter


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