Signo Poderoso Power Symbol Hanging Horseshoe


Signo Poderoso Power Symbol Hanging Horseshoe has multiple iconic good luck symbols to bring luck, prosperity, health, and happiness into your home or business.

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    The horseshoe is probably one of the most well-known good luck symbols of the Western world. It has a long history of being a protective symbol and was seen quite often in ancient Egyptian iconography and Islamic art. It is a talismans in so many practices: Celtic, Slavic, and Hoodoo, just to name a few.

    This hanging brass horseshoe is a very powerful charm to attract abundance, wealth, health and happiness. It depicts a cross, rabbit, four-leaf clover, star, key, lucky 13, a handshake, an elephant with its trunk raised, and a laughing Buddha decorated with colorful rhinestones. It is also emblazoned with the words “Signo Poderoso” which is Spanish for “Powerful Sign” or “Power Symbol.” Hang this shiny golden horseshoe above a door in your home or workplace and it will bring good luck to your family, your love life, your health, your prosperity or your happiness.

    If you want to bless your good luck charm with extra power, dress it with Good Luck Oil on a weekly basis and keep your good fortune flowing.

    Measures approximately 4” x 4”


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