Slavic Witch’s Spoon Talisman


Carry this traditional Slavic Witch’s Spoon Talisman with you to attract prosperity and abundance into your pocket, your home, or your life.

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    The spoon is a popular amulet in Slavic lands for attracting prosperity from the oldest times. This miniature spoon is believed not only to attract money but good luck in all material things.  It is thought that to purchase a spoon talisman for yourself is quite powerful but it’s even more powerful to receive one for a gift and will bless the recipient with grand financial success.

    In the old days, wooden spoon handles were often carved or painted with symbols of prosperity. Ukrainians believe that a spoon that belonged to a beloved ancestor or a special spoon called a “vidmarska” (witch’s spoon) could be used for healing. And a spoon that belonged to single man or woman could be used to attract its owner.

    A spoon is believed to be a powerful household amulet against poverty and starvation and decorative spoons are given to children to protect them from hunger and poverty. Spoons are also traditionally given as housewarming party gifts for they symbolize prosperity and happiness.

    This witch’s spoon talisman can be carried in the pocket, tucked in a wallet, placed on an altar, or given to a loved one to protect, heal, and bring prosperity and good luck.

    Measures 2″ long


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