Steady Work Oil by Madame Pamita


When you want improvement in your job situation, whether it’s a new job or a promotion, steady work is designed to open up your opportunities for a fulfilling and fruitful occupation.


Whether you are looking for a new job, aiming for a promotion, or ready to switch careers to something that is more fulfilling, Steady Work oil is designed to open up those opportunities and give you the boost that you need.

Steady Work oil is used in spells to:

  • Open up a good new job

  • Give you more career opportunities

  • Get a raise or a promotion

  • Bring opportunities to change to a new and better career

  • Bring a steady stream of customers or clients

  • Help you to ace the interview

  • Assist you in finding the perfect job

  • Turn a temporary job into a permanent position

  • Give you the nerve to ask for what you deserve

Gravel Root is a traditional herb long used for assisting in issues related to work. Steady Work oil contains a proprietary formula of essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance, gemstones, and herbs, including Gravel Root, in a luxurious cosmetic-grade fractionated coconut oil base to bring better job opportunities your way.

Each bottle is packaged with a dropper top to make it easy to control how much you use. The spicy herbal scent of Steady Work is designed to bring in the very best job situations.

Anoint yourself with this oil, dress candles, or add it to your bath. Oils are one of the most versatile magical tools available. For more details on how to use Spiritual Oils, please take a look at my Spiritual Oils How To Guide.

.5 oz.


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