The Book of Wizard Craft


The Book of Wizard Craft

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    The perfect book for young or young-at-heart witches in search of wizardly ideas for crafts, parties, Halloween costumes, and more.

    Gather close and let the Wizard tell you all of his secrets, for contained within these enchanting pages is everything you need to know to become the next great wizard, including directions for crafting a selection of marvelous gear, room decorations, concoctions, and good-luck spells. Silently disappear and reappear in a hooded cloak as light as butterfly wings. Time the simmering of potions with an hourglass pendant. Broaden your powers by whipping up such hard-to-find wizardly supplies as Mermaid Gas Bubbles and Eye of Newt, plus potent slimes and potions. And just for fun and a few shivers, the Wizard shares myths and legends of centuries past along with spine-tingling adventures of his own.

    144 pages in full color

    8″ x 9″



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