The Guiding Light to Power and Success – Book


The Guiding Light to Power and Success: A Study of the Use of Candles in the Search for the Truth by Mikhail Strabo

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    This famous hoodoo grimoire contains more than 50 candle and lamp spells for protection, love, wealth, and luck, as shared with the author by African-American Spiritual Church practitioners in 1941. Now, with 32 additional illustrated pages by editor catherine yronwode, The Guiding Light is back in print, bigger and better than ever, on the 80th anniversary of its original publication.

    • How to Set Up a Candle Altar

    • One-Candle Rites with Psalms

    • Seven-Candle Planetary Rites

    • Eight-Candle Sacred Octaves

    • Nine-Candle Catholic Novenas

    • Ten Ancient Oil Lamp Devotions

    • Twelve-Candle Zodiacal Rituals

    • How to Use Seals with Candles

    • Candle-Magic Around the World

    Mikhail Strabo (Sydney J. R. Steiner, 1894-1971) was for many years the proprietor of Guidance House, a leading supplier to the conjure community. His inspirational and occult classics remain popular source-books to this day.

    Catherine Yronwode is the co-proprietor of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company, a manufactory for traditional herb-based conjure supplies, and the pastor of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. Her books on folk magic and divination include “Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic,” “Hoodoo in Theory and Practice,” “Throwing the Bones,” and “Paper In My Shoe.” She lives in Northern California with her husband, a dog, cats, and chickens.

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