The Weiser Tarot Card Sticker Book


The Weiser Tarot Card Sticker Book by Arthur Edward Waite

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    These stickers were created for keeping track of your tarot readings in your personal tarot journal.

    •  Includes ​32 sets of stickers that include 78 tarot cards — 2,560 stickers in all
    •  The stickers are “kiss-cut” to make it easy to peel them off and use them anytime.
    •  The stickers measure 1 x .6 inches
    •  They can be used with any tarot deck that uses the Waite-Smith system—22 major arcana cards and 56 minor cards—which is by far the most popular and is used as the basis for thousands of decks.

    64 pages

    7″ x 8″



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