Witches Heretics and Warrior Women – Book


Witches, Heretics and Warrior Women: Ignite Your Rebel Spirit Through Magic and Ritual by Phoenix Le Fae

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    Take Back Your Power and Unleash It on the World

    Filled with transformative stories of powerful women from legend and history, this book explores themes that witches, heretics, and warriors confront in a patriarchal world. Join the fight against the status quo by learning how to invoke your own defiant female ancestors and the lessons they represent. Each chapter examines a topic like standing tall in your beliefs, finding your voice, embracing your sexuality, and loving your body.

    This book will inspire you through the stories of Circe, Anne Boleyn, Marie Laveau, Mary Magdalene, Jeanne D’Arc, Salome, Boudicca, Moving Robe Woman, and Harriet Tubman. Phoenix LeFae also shares hands-on practices— including rituals, crafts, and meditations—designed to support you as you connect to your inner rebel. Learn how to create shrines, connect to your community, work with essential oils, and more as you find and embrace your own personal power.

    “This book is not just for those who identify as women, it is for anyone who is tired of hiding in the shadows, living small, or letting others control their lives. If you are ready for a total spiritual shift that will have you loving yourself, believing in your dreams, and living life on your terms, Phoenix is at your side sharing her radical role models, gentle guidance, and exercises for self-empowerment. Read this book, and you’ll be inspired, motivated, and activated in all the best ways.”—Madame Pamita, author of Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft and The Book of Candle Magic

    “Once again Pheonix Le Fae’s unique and beautiful view of the world around her has brought forth great wisdom. Never would I have ever thought to find Marie Laveau, Mary Magdalene and Boudicca all in the same book, yet here they all are, power houses of femininity, teaching us that it’s OK to be rebellious, nonconformist and absolutely magical; showing us how we can own our witchdom and encouraging us to stick a finger up to the mundane. Witches, Heretics and Wild Women is empowering, insightful, honest, and it encourages us to be the same.”—Tara Sanchez author of Urban Faery Magick

    Witches, Heretics, and Warrior Women challenges us to rise up and reclaim our powers. With advanced magic and unique methods to experience the three aspects, Phoenix LeFae encourages striking insights, a rewilding of the soul, and the cultivation of true inner strength. This deeply inspired book reminds us we only have one precious life, and it should be lived in our wild, sacred truths. From one rebel to another, I thank her.”—Astrea Taylor, author of Intuitive Witchcraft and Air Magic

    “This book examines the rise and downfall of rule-breakers from Jeanne D’arc to Boudicca and connects us to the energy of each so that we can learn from their successes and failures alike. Witches, Heretics & Warrior Women is a delightful read that opens the doors to possibilities far beyond Maiden, Mother and Crone.”— Diana Rajchel, author of Urban Magick

    “A dynamic blend of history, mythology, and magical practice applied to the fine art of pathbuilding. Phoenix has brilliantly paired inspiring figures from world history and mythology with hands-on exercises, workings, and tools to aid the reader in walking the Witch’s path with confidence and deeper understanding. This book is a wonderful guide for finding personal power while awakening the rebel within. New and advanced practitioners alike will find material that will illuminate their practice.”—Laura Tempest Zakroff, author of Anatomy of a Witch,Weave the Liminal, and Sigil Witchery

    “This book is for the magical rebels who live in the margins: the change makers, the wise ones, the boundary breakers. Witches, Heretics and Warrior Women guides, inspires, and ignites an inner fierce magic while allowing space for imagination and spiritual autonomy. The world is begging for webs of oppression to be torn apart, and this book is rich with tools and allies to get us there.”—Dani Burlison, author of All of Me: Love, Anger and the Female Body

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