Charging a Lucky Talisman with Incense

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Incense is an incredible and often overlooked tool for making some really powerful magic – either as a support tool when doing other magic spells, or as the focus of the spell itself. One of the beautiful things that you can do with incense is use it to cleanse, charge or empower ritual tools and objects. For example, if you have a tarot deck, you can pass it through incense smoke to cleanse it or charge it, something that is especially useful because traditional cleansing with liquids would harm the cards.

One of my favorite things to do with incense is to consecrate, bless and charge lucky talismans. I do this all the time with jewelry and small objects that I can carry on me when I need that dose of luck.  Luck isn’t just for gamblers either – being lucky means being in the right place at the right time and having opportunities open for us easily. So all of us could use a lucky talisman anytime – and here’s a spell to make your own.

Making a Good Luck Talisman with Incense

Here’s a simple spell for ritually creating a lucky talisman (or amping up the luck of an existing talisman)

What you will need:

– Cone Incense for Luck (I Got Mine Cone Incense or Easy Winners Incense are superb for this work)
– A small heat proof dish or incense holder
– Matches or lighter
– A talisman that you wish to charge (can be a lucky coin, rabbit’s foot, gemstone, jewelry or anything that can be easily carried or worn)

Light the tip of the incense cone and place it on the heat-proof dish.  After several seconds, blow out the flame and let the fragrant smoke rise up from the incense cone.

Hold your talisman in both hands. Say a prayer or intention for how your would like to charge your talisman. For example say, “May this ring bring me luck in love” or “Spirit, bless this rabbit’s foot so that I attract lucky opportunities”

Visualize the luck effect that you would like to see. As you do, wave the talisman through the smoke several times, being sure that the smoke touches all sides.

You talisman is now charged with your prayer or intention. Carry it with you anytime you would like to give yourself extra luck.

Let the incense burn completely and imbue your space with extra lucky energy. So simple and yet so effective!

If you are wanting to see how to work with incense, then you’ll want to check out my video on to work with incense cones.

Prosperity Magic with the Money Miracle Plant

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Magical SECOND CHANCES And spiritual Do-OVers

One of the things I love about doing spellwork is the forgiving nature of magic. If you don’t do it right the first time, you always get another go at it. Part of the human condition is making mistakes. If you aren’t making a mistake, it means you’re not trying anything risky. And I believe that if you aren’t taking a risk, you’re living half a life.

With magic, we get chances to change and fix things, anything from little annoyances to huge issues.  So, for example, if you blew out your candle spell when you were meant to snuff it out, no big deal, just get a new candle and start over again. Or, if you messed up in your relationship, you can do a spell to reunite the two of you. Magic is definitely a path of forgiveness and second and even third and fourth chances. Spells give us the gift of a do-over.

The miracle of the resurrection plant

One of the magical tools that gives us the chance to start over again is the Rose of Jericho, or the Resurrection Plant.  Just on the level of botany, the Rose of Jericho is a fascinating piece of nature doing things you didn’t think were possible. The first unusual thing about this plant is its name: the Rose of Jericho is not a rose at all, but a name we give to a group of fern-like plants that grow in some of the harshest climates around, the deserts in Mexico and the Middle East.

When the weather is dry, these amazing plants dry up almost completely, curling up into a brown ball and remaining dormant until the rains come. They can survive in this dried out dormant state for years, but when they are exposed to water, they “resurrect” or come back to life over the course of a few days, opening up and turning green.

Take a look at my video showing how to work with a Rose of Jericho

The Money miracle plant

The way this plant “dies” and then comes back to life is as close as you can get to miraculous and who doesn’t need a little miracle once in awhile?

The Rose of Jericho is a powerful tool in many magical paths for creating prosperity miracles, which is why I call it “The Money Miracle Plant”. It particularly shines in spells where you need to revive or resurrect your prosperity; meaning, you had it once before, things are not so good now but you want to bring that prosperity back again.

Rose of Jericho Prosperity Spell

To do some magical work with a Rose of Jericho, just follow these super-easy steps

  • Place the dried plant with its roots down in a shallow dish of spring water in your home or business on a Friday.

  • You may add talismans to the water dish that invite prosperity, such as gemstones, coins or money-drawing herbs.

  • If you can, place it on a money altar or another special and sacred place.

  • Each day, pour off the water of the plant and add new spring water.

  • Retain the water that you pour off as this is Rose of Jericho water, a powerful prosperity blessing water that you can sprinkle around your home or business or apply to yourself or your loved ones for more prosperity.

  • After a day or two in water the plant will begin to unfold and turn green.

  • As it does, you will see signs of your own prosperity increasing with new opportunities coming your way, more paying customers and increase in your income.

Once your prosperity has increased, give the Rose of Jericho a little rest. Take it out of the water, let it go back to its dormant state.  At this point, you can put it away in a safe place for a little nap. The Rose of Jericho has done its work and your prosperity should remain high. If at any time you feel that you need to give your abundance another boost, you can always pull out that Money Miracle Plant again and miraculously give your prosperity a jumpstart.

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This article was written by Madame Pamita and has also been published on YourTango and Medium.

Ask a Witch: Is Witchcraft Evil?

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The answer I give might surprise you

As a person who has been casting spells and doing divination, such as tarot readings, for decades now, one of the questions I get asked most often is: “Is witchcraft evil?” Now, you might think that as a witch myself, I would automatically say, “No!” but the answer isn’t quite that simple.

What is witchcraft?

First, you have to understand what witchcraft is. Witchcraft is a spiritual act of shaping reality to your will. What does that mean? It means that I hold the belief that we humans have more power than we realize to make our lives what we want them to be. There are time-tested systems (which we can generically call “magic” or “magick”) for moving things in the spiritual world so that they go the way that we want them to go.

There are a lot of systems for doing this ranging from spell words, to working with herbs, to making talismans, to lighting candles, to even prayer. Yes, I said “prayer.” Whenever you ask your deity to help you with something, you are doing a spiritual act to change your life in some way – and that’s magick. So, whether you are reciting a pre-written ceremonial magic spell, are speaking a prayer from your heart, or lighting a candle for a certain wish, you are implementing magick. And when you are doing magick, you are doing witchcraft. 

What is the true definition of a witch?

A witch is someone who uses the power of their own will along with spells, charms, and magical items to shape their life. They believe that the individual has power to effect changes on the spiritual and material level. They know that their thoughts, beliefs, and will have the ability to manifest the outcomes they would like.

How can you identify a witch?

There is no way to identify a witch except to ask them if they are one. While the popular culture would have you believe that witches are all women and are either old and ugly or incredibly beautiful, the reality is that real witches are just regular people. Some might dress up in clothing to look more “witchy” or for special occasions, but the vast majority just wear normal clothes for their day-to-day life.

What are the powers of a witch?

There is a huge variety of the skills a witch might have. For example, there are witches who can communicate with animals, plants, or the natural world on a deep level. There are witches who use essential oils or herbs for magic or for healing. There are witches who have psychic abilities or are skilled at reading tarot cards, using numerology or other forms of divination.

There are witches who have the power to manifest certain outcomes easily and there are others who are skilled at making a love potion or doing a money spell. There are witches who work with the power of the moon, sun, stars, or other heavenly bodies. There are witches who use spells or rituals to heal or to harm.

Do you have to be a Pagan or a Wiccan to do witchcraft?

Here’s the interesting thing, most Wiccans and some Pagans call themselves witches, but not all witches are Wiccans or Pagans. Wicca and Paganism are religions that have a strong connection to magick and witchcraft, but I personally know Catholic witches, Protestant witches, Jewish witches, Muslim witches… you name the religion and I can probably connect you up with a witch who follows that faith.

As for me, I’m a New Thought Spiritualist witch, which means that my spiritual system is all about the law of attraction and connecting with spirit guides (mine and other people’s) and my work reflects my belief system. 

So, is witchcraft evil?

Magick is neutral and can be taken in any direction. Think of it being like a screwdriver. A screwdriver is neither good nor evil. You can use it for something positive, like hanging a painting on your wall. You can use it for something evil, like stabbing someone. The tool itself isn’t bad or good, it’s the person using the tool who gets to decide. So, it all comes down to free will and a matter of personal ethics. If you want to use the screwdriver for good, you can. If you want to use it for evil, you can. The same holds true for witchcraft. If you want to do spells to shape reality in a positive way, you can. If you want to use it for evil, it’s up to you. 

My personal spiritual path is one where I have strong ethical boundaries about doing only positive work, so the magic I do is in no way evil. Every spell that I do is meant to help, heal, enlighten and move people toward their happiness.

What are your ethical standards?

So, if you are thinking of doing some magick yourself, it’s a good idea to establish what your own ethical standards are. Ask yourself what you want to bring into the world and then do your work in a way that absolutely sits right with your heart and soul. 

This article was written by Madame Pamita and was published on YourTango and Medium.

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How To Meet Your Spirit Guide & Change Your Life For The Better

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Who is your spirit guide?

All of us have a council of guides around us who are there to protect, assist and give us helpful messages to guide our lives to our highest and best. But while you might believe in your spirit guides, you might not know what the best way to reach them or how to receive messages from them.

How to meet your spirit guide

It’s not hard to meet your spirit guide, all you have to have is the willingness to connect with them. Your guides love you and want to communicate with you, so the more you practice one or more of these techniques the easier it will be to connect to them.

Check out this episode of my Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast to learn the myriad forms that your spirit guide can take.

Using Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guide

One of the best ways to meet your spirit guide is to practice meditation. Whether you practice a silent meditation or use a special guided meditation (like the free spirit guide meditation I have on my website), the first thing to do is to ask for your guide to meet with you. Always ask for your own guides and spirits of the highest vibration to come forward. An example of what you might want to say before your meditation could be:

“I gather my spirit guides around me. Guides of the highest vibration who love and protect me. I invite one of my guides to meet with me and to give me useful, clear, and helpful messages.”

Once you have said that, you can begin your meditation and envision or meet with your guide. See what messages you get. Whether you get images, words, or feelings, listen to them and trust that you are meeting with a spirit guide who can offer you assistance.

Using Automatic Writing to Meet with Your Spirit Guide

Another way to get to know your spirit guide is to use automatic writing. To begin communicating with your guides, get a notebook or journal and two pens or pencils of different colors. Begin by writing your questions in one color and then switch pens and write the answers from your guide. Write out the answers that you get, the first thing that comes into your head. You may question whether the words are coming from you, but just go with it and keep writing, alternating between the two different colors of pen. If you push through your doubts, you will find that your guides will give you some important messages.

Looking for Repeating Numbers and Synchronicities

A final way to connect with your guides to help change your life for the better is to pay attention to synchronicities such as repeating numbers. Synchronicities are seemingly random coincidences that have meaning and significance. Things like finding coins or feathers on the street can be a sign of your guide sending you messages of abundance and security.

When you look at a clock and see a repeating number such as 11:11 or 2:22, reflect on what you were thinking about when you saw the number. Chances are that your guides are sending you a message of hope about that very topic.

Take a listen to this episode of my Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast to learn many more ways that you can encounter your spirit guide.

Your spirit guide has messages for you

Whichever way you choose to meet with your guides, know that they love you, they care for you, and they have important messages for you that can give you good guidance to make your life the very best. Take the time to connect with your guides and you will start to feel the power of your spiritual team that stands beside you.

Want to meet your Spirit Guides? Book a Spirit Guide session with Madame Pamita.

This article was written by Madame Pamita and was published on YourTango and Medium.