Bountiful Blessings Oil by Madame Pamita

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Use Bountiful Blessings Oil in spells to attract your highest and your best outcomes to truly live a blessed life.


    Are you having trouble counting your blessings? Bountiful Blessings oil is designed for use in spells where you want to invite more blessings into your life or the lives of your loved ones. This oil is energetically charged to assist you in your spells and prayers for Spirit to shower you with amazing gifts.

    Bountiful Blessings oil can be used in spells to:

    • Invite more good things into your life

    • Thank the Universe for the blessings that you already have

    • Open up the doors to more joyful opportunities coming your way

    • Draw abundance of all kinds

    • Create more optimism and happiness

    • Invite synchronicities and happy coincidences

    • Receive all the good things life has to offer

    Passionflower is an herb long used for for bringing peaceful abundance. Bountiful Blessings Oil contains a proprietary formula of essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance, gemstones and real herbs, including Copal, Passionflower, and Angelica root in a luxurious cosmetic-grade fractionated coconut oil base to attract the blessings that you desire. Each bottle contains a real Goldstone gem to bring in even more to be grateful for.

    This luxury-grade oil is packaged with a dropper top to make it easy to control how much you use. The delicious resinous gourmand scent of this oil will warm and sweeten your blessing spells.

    Anoint yourself with this oil, dress candles, or add it to your bath. Oils are one of the most versatile magical tools available.

    For more details on how to use Spiritual Oils:

    .5 oz.

    4 reviews for Bountiful Blessings Oil by Madame Pamita

    1. Jessica Garcia Montoya (verified owner)

      This oil smells so wonderful, when it arrived my dog’s little sniffer went crazy and he needed a blessing as well. I have been using it when I veil.

    2. Ashley (verified owner)

      This oil smells amazing! I was sad at first when I accidentally spilled about 1/4 of the bottle on me when I first opened it. However, we had plumbers here doing work on a major clog. So, I started affirming gratitude for the bountiful blessings pouring down on me. I had to run an errand. While I was out, my husband messaged me to say the plumbers decided to discount our bill by $75, just because they liked us. ❤️

    3. S0livagant (verified owner)

      Bought this oil for my best friend. Wishing her the abundance in blessings she deserves and for everything she desires to be granted ❤️

    4. obarabash (verified owner)

      Great quality oil that makes a good addition to your daily spiritual practices. I use it on my candles, my hair, and my jewelry.

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