Pink Beeswax Reversing Vigil Candle and Vigil Refill


This Pink Beeswax Reversing Vigil Candle is two spells in one! Burn the black half to send negativity back to its source and the pink half to bring love, friendship, healing and more.



Reversing candles are two spells in one and this one is extra special – a long-lasting, clean burning beeswax vigil candle in a coveted pull out style.

A half black and half pink reversing vigil candle can be used in spells to send back a hex, curse, jinx or general negativity and open the way to better things. We hand pour a 100% beeswax candle, then dip one half in black beeswax. Use this two-in-one spell candle for your Return to Sender spells, curse reversal spells, hex breaking spells, reversible spells or any spell work where you want to get rid of negativity of any kind and bring back your good fortune.

Pink candles can be used in spells for:

  • Romantic Love and Soul Mates
  • Friendship and Family Love
  • Sweet Feelings and Emotional Healing
  • Heart Connection and Affection
  • Admiration
  • Physical Tranquility
  • Nurturing and Warmth
  • Beauty and Youthfulness
  • Healing Grief
  • Compassion and Forgiveness
  • Unconditional Love and Self Love

Apply Reverse Negativity Oil to the black half of the candle to send negativity back to its source. Apply the oil of your choice to the pink half to bring nurturing and affection. These oils are the ones we especially recommend when used on a pink candle:

There are so many advantages to this candle:

  • Cast your spells with nature’s cleanest and most magical wax: beeswax
  • Create your own magic from scratch with a candle in one of the nine magical color combinations that we offer.
  • Purchase a candle in a glass vigil holder, then save the glass and use a candle refill in the same holder – save money and the environment!
  • Carve the outer surface of the candle with a candle inscriber and embellish with favorite spiritual oils and glass glitter
  • Beeswax candles are all-natural and renewable and are non-toxic.
  • Beeswax candles are good for the environment and help protect our bee populations.

You have two magical options.

  • Choose a beeswax candle in a plain glass vigil candle holder
  • Or select a beeswax refill candle that you can use in one of our vigil candle glass holders (these fit our glass vigil candle holders – if you’re using a glass from another company, please measure the size to make sure the pull out refill candle will fit)

Glass vigil candle holder measures 8″ h x 2.25″ w

Beeswax pull out candle measures 7.5″ h x 2″ w

Made with 100% fragrance-free beeswax
Burns Approximately 120 Hours
Lead-free cotton wick
Witchcrafted at the Parlour of Wonders in Los Angeles, CA

Vigil Candle Spells Are Easy to Do

Check out this video one way to dress and bless vigil candles from the Madame Pamita Youtube Page:


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